Frequently Asked questions

How can I make a reservation with GoSparen ?
Answer: You can reserve online on our secure website or down load our SparenApp

What is Gosparen cancellation policies?
Answer: See our Cancellation policy section.

How can I get a receipt?
Answer: All receipts are sent by email once the reservation is complete.

What payments are available?
Answer: We accept Visa, Discover Credit Card and Master Card.

Will I be charged if my flight is delayed?
Answer: No, if your flight is delayed and the updated information is posted on the airline’s website then you will not be charged. If your flight lands on time but is delayed on the runway, you will be granted 20 minutes waiting time on domestic flights and 45 minutes on international flights.
If your flight lands on time, but you are unable to meet the driver within the 30 minutes domestic /45 minutes international, after that time has passed waiting charges will begin.

Do you provide meet and greet service by the airport?
Answer: Since this is your Economize limo Ride, we do not offer meet and greet service.

What information do I need to make a reservation with GoSparen?
Answer: As posted on Website. Book Now Page

Is Tip included in the fare?
Answer: Yes- for your convenience reasons, 20% of gratuity is automatically added to your bill.

When booking for an airport pickup, what time should I make the reservation for?
Answer: At least 24hrs before the before your ride time

When will you charge my credit card?
Answer: We take full payment on the card the day you book  to guarantee funds are available prior to your trip. The amount being charged is based on the details provided for your reservations. Additional charges could be applied after reservations in case of additional services or charges were incurred.

Do you permit smoking in your vehicles?
Answer: No, Commission of the states prohibits smoking in all TLC licensed vehicles.

What should I do once when I land at the airport?
Answer: Call or text the driver that was assigned to your reservation. The contact information will be Text or emailed to you once a driver is assigned to your reservation and you will receive a 24 hour notification with the information needed to contact the driver. For all curbside pickups please call driver upon collecting your luggage and make your way to the passenger pickup area. If for any reason you cannot locate your driver please reach us via text message.

Will you call the passenger when the car is onsite or at the location?
Answer: Yes, the driver will contact you/the passenger, but it is up to you/ the passenger to be ready to board the vehicle at the scheduled time to avoid waiting charges. Please provide us with at least two phone numbers, so we can reach you and call us back immediately if you have any difficulty locating your driver and car/limo.