About Us

GoSparen.com came about as an epiphany during a business trip several years ago. Our vision has finally become a reality. While travelling from home to the airport via a Limo, We asked the driver, ‘Do you have a customer booked for your return trip from the airport?’ He said ‘no’, with quizzical look as if saying ‘why do you ask’? Since then, we have been researching and doing ‘due diligence’ for the concept. We have been working with a team of like-minded professionals for over one year to bring this important service to you, our most important and valued clients.

Environmental Factors
How many times have relatives or friends taken you to and from the airport when you have that gut wrenching feeling, something is not right about this? What if you take your car to the airport? You end up at a remote Parking lot and take a shuttle to the airport. What a hassle.

With ongoing global warming realities, and severe pollution and health concerns around the globe, it is an immediate concern for all of us to take responsibility and do whatever possible to assist in reversing the heavy carbon footprint. It is well known fact, most highways and roads leading to airports are congested. This causes for more accidents heading to the airports.By using GoSparen Services, you will be decreasing excessive pollution, and traffic congestion to benefit everyone.

The Concept
We have partnered with reputable limousine service companies currently servicing these three Airports.add space.(JFK, La Guardia and Newark Airport) We will match you with the limos which are currently dropping off the passengers or bringing passengers to the airport. We have made a special arrangement with them to offer you reduced rates. You the limo Rider will be able to take advantage of traveling back and forth to the Airport of your destination by Limo and saving up to 40% off the standard limo cost.

When making travel plans, one question arises, should I leave the car at the airport or take an economical (but sometimes inconvenient) community shuttle? The idea of booking a Limousine for a trip to the airport may have seemed excessive or over budget for a particular trip. Now you can! Travel by Limo and save up to 40% off standard fare. Our limo partners are already rerouted to your designated airport, awaiting your confirmation (via web application on your mobile device or iPad) to book their ride from the Airport (La Guardia, EWR or JFK) to your destination. Or to take you to the airport of your scheduled time to travel from your residence or office.

This service is currently available to and from JFK, La Guardia and Newark Liberty Airport. We will be adding additional Airport in the coming months.

How does it Work?
Now you will be able to book your Travel to and from Airport in Advance on your IPhone, IPad or from any other hand held device.

Please sign up, down load SparenApp and make your reservation. You will be able to travel back and forth via Limo in style plus save money and escape the hassle of driving. Let us do the Eco Limo Ride today and save.